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Welcome to the website of ECWDS means 'Enjoy Computer with Divyakant Sir'. We are the most leading classes in the computer education of 10th, 11th & 12th Std for English Medium as well as Gujarati Medium(GSEB/CBSE).  'Divyakant Sir' has the experience of  22 years in the field of computer education . He is the most experienced paper checker & paper setter.  He is the author of 'Computer Darpan'  reference books for all standards .  He is the EX-COMPUTER TEACHER OF EXPERIMENTAL SCHOOL. He has got 7 students in Gujarat board and 27 Students in Surat Centre.

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  • Divyakant Sir offers unparallel computer Education related guidance. My main in join computer classes was that the subject is not uncompleted the main Subjects. I could easily learn difficult language with 'Divyakant Sir'. It was really an Enjoyable study without any burden.
  • Best Computer Teacher in Surat, in terms of knowledge and teaching.
    Arpit Shah
  • Seriously sir your teaching regarding computers..ahh..made me not a professional but eager to learn and explore most of things in this widespread zone of computers....
    Dhaivat Shah
  • Really Enjoyed Computer with Sir. Great support from sir. Sir solved doubts whenever needed very cooperatively . Practical sessions also conducted very well. Good explanation with details and imp tips on every topic. Also the facility of active board enhanced the study. perfect guidance for scanning in exams. I stood first in the merit of medical all over Gujarat
  • I Aishni Shah studied under Divyakant Sir for two years and it has been a completely wonderful experience. Sir's method and enjoyable technique of keeping theory and practical classes as well as regular tests helped a lot to get a good hold over the subject. Not only did we learn the subject but we also realized the importance of punctuality while studying under him. I own my success in computer to him. Thank you Sir !!
  • Today, the academic world is witnessing the creation of new learning environments ans among thme one is " LEARNING OF COMPUTER" without life is impossible in today's world. Not Only learning about proper medium of learning is also necessary and here comes the opportunity of going to "ENJOY COMPUTER WITH DIVYAKANT SIR". I would like to say that knowledge provided by him is not only theoretical but also practical and can be easily implemented. His simple and fun-loving way of teaching along with his well equipped class is undoubtedly the best means for students achieved their goals.
  • As far as computer subject is concerned 'Divyakant Sir' is the best. Teaching method is awesome & sir is very friendly & co-ordial. 'Divyakant Sir' made computer subject as good as a scoring subject for us. Credit of my all marks goes to him. Proud to be a student of Divyakant Sir.
  • I have never seen such a powerful computer teacher throughout my school life. His teaching power is amazing. No other teachers can even match with 'Divyakant Sir' as far as computer subject is concerned I got this success due to Al Grade in computer subject for which only and only 'Divyakant Sir' is credited.
  • Divyakant Sir offers unparalleled computer education related guidance. With ever-rising importance of this gadget in the world, it is imperative to obtain sound tutelage regarding the subject and ECWDS does its best. It was an honour and pleasure to study under him. Divyakant Sir's expert knowledge about computers has never and will never fail to guide students to success. Thanks a lot Sir...
  • My main aim to join computer classes was that the subject is not uncompleted with main subject. Also to much extent I developed a liking for computer subject. I could easily learn difficult languages like java, C++, HTML, Linux etc. and many other Topics in computer. I got quite good scores during all the year. Regular and free attention in class solved 50% of the problem. The key Points given by sir are quite useful. Sir is always ready to solve our difficulties. Thank you sir..
  • For the colourful passing of my 12th board computer exams (both theory and practicals), one man holds the crecrt, our Dear 'Divyakant Sir: This was by far the best computer guidance I have ever had. Not only theoretical but also practicals were a way better than any other place. ECWDS - Enjoy Computer with Divyakant Sir was really an Enjoyable journey without any Stress or burden. He kept his classes always lively, holding the interest of all students. Thanks a lot Sir for helping me achieve my goals.
  • I am Proud of being a student of Divyakant sir. The way he teaches, his student is always excellent. He never neglects or discourages any student. He always encourages every student for his studies and all time ready for student's help. 'Divyakant sir' is always cordial in his teaching skill. I am thankful to him for his teaching and guidance which helped me to reach my dream....
  • "I am really glad proud of becoming one of the student of 'Divyakant Sir.'I am really happy with the way of teaching he gave us. I think that i will Achieve great success in my life for my bright Caeer specially when the computer subject is concerned. He is the footballer that will lead my career football into the goal."
  • For my colourful success in my board exam, I really want to thank "Divyakant Sir". He is one of the best teachers of my life. I proud of being a student of him. The way of his teaching is superb & unique. It is really a sweet dream to come true in this subject with him & I am so lucky to be with Divyakant Sin.. I'm heartly thankful to Divyakant Sir.
  • I Shivangi Agarwal did my computer classes from Divyakant Sir's classes. Here my experience was splendid. Divyakant Sir himself taught us through out the year There were many tests conducted which helped us to prove our computer skills. Regular practice classes were also conducted. So we were able to match up theory and practical at the same time. The class atmosphere was also very good and all the students would actively participated during the class. Sir paid regular attention to all. I had very memorable experience here...
  • "Experience makes the man master of his subject". This statement Just fit to Divyakant Sir because in addition to his unparallel knowledge, his experience makes him a complete computer teacher which helps us to have expertise in the computer subject. Also his regular tests help us to keep with the subject and get good marks with regular efforts in all. I dedicate my success to his regularity and experience with cluster of good teaching.
  • Divyakant sir Offers Unparalleled Computer education related guidance. I got best computer knowledge ans Divyakant sir has enhance y knowledge about Computer.He is amazing in so many ways with his teaching.
  • "Enjoy Computer with Divyakant Sir" is the best center for learning computer. I am proud of being a student of Divyakant Sin Due to his guidance I got Al Grade which helped me to get 91% Percentage. Very much Thanks for teaching me and giving me very nice guidance. At last I want to say him very much thank you from me and my family. Thank you... Thank you Very much Sir
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