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'Enjoy Computer with Divyakant Sir' is now a big brand name in the city of surat. This is the most famous class for computer education all over the city.'Divyakant Sir' is involved with  computer education ever since the computer subject has started at the school level. "Divyakant Sir" has  got  "Experimental School" teaching experience of 9 years, he is the author  of  "Computer Darpan"  reference book of Std  10,11,12  (Eng Medium & Guj  Medium Both ) . Morever he is  the  only person to  have the training of  all  standards approved by Gujarat Secondary Education Board.He has written articles about computer education, board's question papers , and about  new syllabus in leading newspapers like "Gujarat Samachar" , "Gujarat Mitra","Sandesh" & "Divya Bhaskar". Now all the students know that it is really fun to learn computer with 'Divyakant Sir'.

Welcome to the website of 'Enjoy Computer with Divyakant Sir'.We are the most leading classes in the computer education of 10th, 11th & 12th Std for English Medium as well as Gujarati Medium .  'Divyakant Sir' has the experience of  13 years in the field of computer education . He is the most experienced paper checker & paper setter.  He is the author of 'Computer Darpan'  reference books for all standards .  He is the ex-computer teacher of 'Experimental School' . We have got 6 students in Gujarat board and 24 Students in Surat Centre in the first five years of beginning Computer Subject.

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